About Us

     Formerly Jeremy's Web Design, Vortex Web Solutions was founded in 2002. Since 2002, we have become a well-established business who feels customer satisfaction is as important as the final product. We take pride in being the fastest and most reliable web solutions business around. Everyday the web becomes more essential to business and we provide solutions to limit the stress of taking on a new adventure.

Our Experience
Our experience spans from basic web pages with static graphics and text to more advanced/dynamic web pages with database interaction. We also have a great deal of experience with PHP and JavaScript web programming languages.

Our Specialty
Vortex Web Solutions specializes in websites which interact with visitors. This may be in the means of an online community or communication based website. We have the experience and knowledge to create the most user-friendly system which will keep visitors wanting to return.

Our Clients
We provide web solutions for individuals, small businesses, and mid-size businesses who are looking to increase their commercial presence. We cater to many different fields of business including service, management, and commercial. Vortex Web Solutions relieves the stress of starting a new web-related endeavor.

Our Business
We not only work with clients to help grow their business, but we have started our own!
  • In 2006, we launched an educations software business, Sharper Results, that offers software and printable assessment tools.
  • In 2007, we launched a restaurant guide, IndyDining, that helps consumers get a deal on their meal. We are currently expanding into cities across the US and we are looking for entrepreneurs! Click here for more information.

Our Goals
  • Develop personal relationships with clients.
  • Offer web solutions to enhance client's online presence.
  • Provide fast and reliable service to clients.
  • Be the primary source for all web solution needs.